Why Everyone Should Install A Garden Pond

One of the nicest things about owning property is the opportunity to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape that can enhance everyday life. Flower gardens, herb gardens, vegetables, bird feeders, paths, and furniture are all elements of a landscape design that can provide beauty and comfort. One of the most attractive landscaping features is a garden pond, and the following are some of the top reasons why everyone should install one.

Ponds Host Fish And Other Wildlife

By installing a pond, homeowners can provide a home to fish that they purchase, like brightly colored koi, and they can attract other wildlife as well. Children can learn about the lifecycle of amphibians as they watch tadpoles develop into frogs. Birds will also come to enjoy the water source. In addition, ponds provide nourishment to water lilies, water hyacinth, and other aquatic plants.

Ponds Are Relaxing

Looking at a garden pond and listening to the water, especially if there is a fountain or aerator installed, can be a very peaceful and relaxing experience. In fact, studies show that being on, in, or even near water induces slower brainwaves, more creativity, and a sense of tranquility. In addition, the sight of sunlight sparkling on the surface of a pond makes people feel happier. To learn about fountains and pond aerators, see more here.

Ponds Store Water For Irrigation

Another great advantage of having a garden pond is the ability to collect rainwater and use it for irrigation. When a pond is set in higher ground, any overflow after a rain can flow down into the rest of the garden. Some people even set up a formal irrigation system with pipes and pumps. As water supplies become scarce and droughts more common, a garden pond can be a great way to store water for other uses.

Ponds Add Value To A Property

Finally, homeowners who install garden ponds often have an easier time selling their house because the water feature adds value to the property. Installing a pond is an effective and much less-expensive home improvement compared with remodeling any part of the house itself. The key to getting value from a pond is to keep it properly maintained.